Revel in Creation

revel in creation

The Creator desires our worship. Man ought to revel in the glory of His creation. Indeed, to do so is to celebrate His omnipotence and infinite creativity. No other being in the universe can bring something into existence from nothing. The Creator is the grand and sole first cause—all else is effect.  No other being is so glorious and creative—God’s genius and splendor exceed even our wildest imaginings.  And that exuberant truth is worthy of celebration.

Satan has staged an ignominious coup d’état of the Creator’s magnificent creation, and though this usurper has plunged our reeling planet into an abyss of sin, suffering, and death, every atom still bears the mark of its Creator—every cell of every living thing on this wide earth, every law of physics, and every star in the sky shouts incalculable evidence of their Creator.

It is the blind who do not see the Creator’s signature, but they who do should revel in joy and sheer amazement at all they behold, and worship in simple adoration.